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Automatic Control System and Safety Precautions of Radio Frequency Equipment

Today, the development of industrial automation, PLC (programmable logic controller) has been widely used in various industries of production equipment, to achieve a variety of automatic control. The application of PLC in radio frequency equipment is relatively late. This is mainly because the electric field radiation of the radio frequency welding equipment will cause work interference or even breakdown and burn damage to the microelectronic equipment.

The application of PLC in high frequency equipment focuses on the shielding system and auxiliary protection circuit. Installing a PLC system on a high-frequency device that isn't tightly shielded is risky. Long-term application of interference will lead to the PLC system program chaos, unstable parameters, and even the core components of frequent damage.

The radio frequency equipment environmental protection and energy saving is other equipment irreplaceable, the premise is to have strict shielding, filtering, bypass, isolation protection circuit. Choose high-frequency equipment must not only focus on the production function. Without perfect shielding devices and protective circuits, radio frequency equipment will become a source of pollution and invisible killer.

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