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How To Choose and Buy High Frequency Thermal Bonding Machine, High Frequency Equipment?

High frequency medium heating equipment applied to the field of plastic fusion, known as high frequency thermal bonding machine, also known as high frequency plastic fusion machine. This kind of equipment is widely used in the welding process of car carpet pedal and the production process of car sunshade. Plastic products such as inflatable toys, raincoats, shower curtains, awnings and racing boats are also widely used.

As far as a qualified high-frequency equipment is concerned, the safety of the production process and operators must be guaranteed firstly, and the stability, trouble-free operation and perfect functions must be guaranteed secondly. In order to do the above, the following functions need to be satisfied.

1. At present, most of the high-frequency equipment in use in China has no shielding measures or is not closely shielded. Serious electromagnetic pollution will not only cause great harm to the operator's health. It can also cause serious interference to nearby electronic devices such as communication and navigation. Even damaged. At the same time, the stability of the equipment itself will also cause adverse effects. High frequency equipment that meets the national standard and has perfect functions shall adopt strict shielding measures, and be supplemented by filtering, bypass, isolation and other measures to make the radiation of high frequency electromagnetic field far lower than the national standard.

2, Our company's high equipment mostly adopts PLC control, touch screen operation display. Original power automatic tracking system, digital process parameter setting. So that each piece is strictly in accordance with the same process parameters. Fully ensure the consistency of product quality.

In general, the welding process of equipment is that the material gradually melts with the passage of time. Under the action of pressure, the material becomes thinner and the resistance to breakdown drops. The current rapidly increases. The automatic power tracking system can increase the power in the first period of welding, maintain a high power in the second period, and control the power at a low power state that is not suitable for ignition in the third period. This effectively prevents the occurrence of breakdown and ignition, ensures the product quality, and protects the mold from the damage of ignition.

3. The fault self-diagnosis system greatly facilitates the maintenance and repair of equipment.

4. Highly sensitive spark protection system can block the tube in 1/100,000th of a second. And cut off the high voltage power supply in time, so that the breakdown point of the discharge is only as big as the tip. This protection device is also used in our common equipment.

Our company produces high frequency welding machine for car carpet, high frequency welding machine for car sunshade, high frequency heat sealing machine for car door panel, high frequency drying machine and PVC plastic welding machine, all of which are manufactured in accordance with EU standards and have passed CE certification. In the industry leading level.The choice high quality equipment, is your production powerful safeguard. We are committed to provide you with a strong guarantee.
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