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Radio Frequency Welding Equipment and Application Range

Liaoning Unify high frequency equipment co., LTD is a science and technology company which develops high frequency heating equipment. The company has gathered a number of senior and intermediate technical backbone with many years of practical experience. The heat treatment and application range of high frequency wave are introduced as follows:

Radio frequency welding equipment is a kind of heat treatment method that USES electromagnetic wave with frequency more than 100Khz to heat metal material rapidly and effectively.
1, heat treatment refers to the material in the solid state, through heating, heat preservation and cooling means, change the material surface or internal chemical composition and organization, to obtain the required properties of a metal thermal processing technology.
2, metal heat treatment is one of the important processes in mechanical manufacturing, compared with other processing processes, heat treatment generally does not change the shape of the workpiece and the overall chemical composition, but by changing the internal microstructure of the workpiece, or change the chemical composition of the workpiece surface, to give or improve the performance of the workpiece. Its characteristic is to improve the inherent quality of the workpiece, which is generally not visible to the naked eye.

The application scope of radio frequency welding equipment is mainly used for the processing and welding sealing of pure PVC or any soft and hard adhesive, leather, cloth and medical industry, plastic packaging industry, clothing embossing processing industry, automobile interior decoration industry, inflatable toy industry, household goods industry and all kinds of plastic products with more than 10% of PVC. Such as: blister sealing, PVC plastic blister sealing, PVC blister welding, PVC plastic bubble shell, battery blister sealed elevator packing sealing, hardware tools, PETG blister sealing, blister cardboard sealing, U disk elevator blister packing sealing, memory chips elevator blister packing sealing, PVC blister welding, high frequency plastic welding, high frequency plastic welding, high frequency plastic sealing, double blister sealing, PVC blister sealing double-sided, double-sided board blister sealing, cardboard blister sealing, plastic heat sealing welding, and so on.

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