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The Brief Introduction of RF dryer

Liaoning Unify high frequency equipment co., LTD is a science and technology company which develops high frequency heating equipment. The company has gathered a number of senior and intermediate technical backbone with many years of practical experience. Opto-electromechanical integration, modern power electronics technology, high frequency load impedance matching is our company's technical expertise. The following is an overview of the product RF dryer.

I. main components of the RF dryer:

The RF dryer is mainly composed of three units, the high frequency oscillator, the working capacitor and the material to be dried. The former is called the host and the latter is called the load. From the circuit point of view, the high frequency drying system consists of power supply, high frequency oscillator, matching circuit and load.

II. High-frequency oscillation machine:

The high frequency oscillator is a device that converts electrical energy into high frequency electrical energy. The converter consists of a tube and a number of circuit elements (such as inductor coils, capacitors, etc.). The dried material is placed in a capacitor and heated and dried in a high-frequency electric field formed by the capacitor. From the circuit point of view, the high frequency oscillator is a positive feedback amplifier with sufficient depth. If the barrier elements in the actual circuit that have little influence on the oscillation principle are ignored, all the elements are attributed to the three impedance, that is, the equivalent circuit of the three-terminal oscillator.

III. Capacitor:

The capacitor is filled with materials that are heated and dried, and its function is to create a high-frequency electric field, so that the materials are heated and dried by the high-frequency electric field. On the circuit, the capacitor is the link between the high frequency oscillator and the load. The shape of the capacitor mainly depends on the geometry of the material being heated and dried. The purpose of the capacitor is to maximize the concentration of electric field in the area to be heated and to maintain uniform intensity of electric field in the area.

IV. High-frequency vacuum dryer

The power of the dryer of the high frequency equipment is 100KW, and the processed materials are tobacco leaves, which has achieved good results. The technical parameters of the dryer are: production capacity 421-860kg/h (per set); The energy consumption was 3.6kw per kg of water from tobacco leaves, and the initial temperature of tobacco leaves was 0.75. The final temperature of tobacco leaves was 54. Working environment dust content is 2.35mg/ m3.

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