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RF Heat Sealing Equipment

RF heat sealing equipment uses the friction heat generated on the contact surface of two workpieces to be welded to melt the plastic. Heat energy comes from a certain pressure, a workpiece on another surface with a certain displacement or amplitude reciprocating movement. Once the desired degree of embossing is achieved, the vibration will stop, but there will still be a certain amount of pressure on the two workpieces, so that the just embossed part of the cooling, curing, thus forming a close combination.

Characteristics of RF heat sealing equipment

1. High frequency thermal sealing equipment anti-wave interference device: high frequency stabilizer and high frequency magnetic field shielding system device, to minimize the high frequency interference, effectively solve the impact of high frequency interference on other machines or residents.

2. RF heat sealing equipment week stability: the use of international industrial band 27.12MHZ, stable output cycle, in line with the international industrial band standard.

3. RF heat sealing equipment output force is strong, reliable performance: low loss coaxial oscillator, with tuner, strong output force shorten welding time, improve output.

4. RF heat sealing equipment high-sensitivity spark arrester: relay, detection of excessive current.

5. Safety performance: in the work or static, whether it is suddenly encountered power failure or gas stop, or power or ventilation, the machine is stationary state, keep the original position, it will not suddenly rise or fall; Greatly improve the safety of workers operating problems.

6. RF heat sealing equipment heating device: stepless heating thermostat, according to the production needs of different products, may adjust the temperature, let the working efficiency is higher.

7. RF heat sealing equipment automatic over-current protection system: automatic over-current protection system, can increase the service life of the vacuum tube, protect the mould. Can choose direct or indirect oiling pressure oiling pressure. The output force is strong and the machine structure is solid. Double station foot control, convenient and quick, special mechanical structure, high output pressure.

8. RF heat sealing equipment is easy to high-speed tuner: the output power can be adjusted by the tuner depending on the size of the electrode and material thickness, with the exception of a variety of control devices and special electronic circuit, can greatly reduce the necessary welding time, improve the production of the machine.
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