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Safe Operation Method of Double Head Pedal Type High Frequency Machine

Double-head pedal-type pneumatic high-frequency machine is mainly suitable for processing PVC plastic, TPU plastic, EVA plastic heat-sealing, the welding process is automatically controlled by time, and the power output is manually adjusted according to the size of the high-frequency mold and the thickness of the welding material to control the required current. The welding process is that the right foot pedals the mold positioning, then the left foot pedals the high-frequency switch, and the high-frequency machine works. (Note: Keep your hands away from the welding head of the high-frequency die to avoid unnecessary hand burns).

Ⅰ. The main steps of the double-head high frequency machine operating procedures:

★Turn on the main power of the chassis first, then turn on the power switch of the control box (the fan is running and the power indicator is on)

★The double-head HF machine needs to be preheated for 5 minutes, and the mold is installed in the fixture and fixed with screws

★Mould adjustment: 1. Loosen the four horizontal handles first; 2. After stepping on the mold with the right foot, observe the flatness between the mold and the bottom table with naked eyes, and use the four balance handles to cross to return to the mold level.

★ Adjust the high-frequency output power regulator to the minimum (the pointer is in the "0" direction), and adjust the time system to 3 seconds

★No-load test machine (first step on the left foot high-frequency switch and observe whether the pointer of the screen flow meter is at 0.2A)

★Turn on the pneumatic switch on the control box

★Lay 2 layers of insulating film on the bottom workbench, and then position the product on the insulating film

★The right foot pedals the mold positioning first, and then the left foot pedals the high-frequency switch (at this time the cylinder works and the screen flow meter works)

★Adjust the required high-frequency current according to the size of the high-frequency mold, and the time is automatically controlled

Ⅱ. Precautions for operating double-headed pedal-type pneumatic high-frequency machine

1. During the welding process, please do not touch the red warning part and the welding head part of the die (to avoid burns)

2. Do not step on the left foot high-frequency switch when positioning the product (pay attention to the sequence of operations with both feet, so as not to crush your hands when the cylinder drops)

3. After the mold sparks during high-frequency operation, the mold must be cleaned with alcohol and the insulating film replaced

4. When the high-frequency machine is in use, please do not get close to the machine to avoid danger

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