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Structural Features And Application Range Of PVC Door Welding Machine

1.The basic principle of pvc door welding machine:

This machine mainly adopts operating principle of high-frequency machine and radiofrequency. It makes use of the high - voltage transformer rectifier self - excitation high frequency tube oscillation moment to produce the high frequency electromagnetic wave current electric field. It makes use of processed materials PVC, TPU, EVA, PET in the field of high frequency electromagnetic wave, the internal molecules of plastic and plastic materials to produce polar heat conduction. Achieve welding sealing role of the plastics and plastic products needed for thermal welding by increasing some pressure.

2. Basic structure of pvc door welding machine:

1) the machine is mainly operated by double-head pedal pneumatic operation. The operation position is divided into the left and right sides of the handpiece. The operation table is designed with aluminum material, so that the electrical conductivity is more stable. The method of operation: Operator presses positioning die by right foot, presses high frequency switch by left foot. The cylinder drops automatically. Put pressure on products of thermal welding. High frequency current welding process is controlled by time, and the machine is used alternately on both sides.

2) the machine mainly adopts the operating principle of stem. The pressure of the powerful head can be adjusted at will. Adjust the corresponding pressure according to the actual requirement of different welding products. The machine head is designed with four ball bearings for positioning and sliding. They do not swing when operating up or down.

3. Features of pvc door welding machine:

1)  the frequency of the machine mainly adopts the international industrial band of 27.12MHz, which conforms to the international standard.

2) the machine can be equipped with stepless heating device system according to the properties of plastics and plastic materials, mainly for the heating outside the mold. The temperature can be adjusted according to the needs of the product.

4. Main scope of application of pvc door welding machine:

It is mainly used in the medical supplies industry; Plastic, plastic packaging industry, clothing embossing processing industry; Automobile interior decoration industry; Inflatable toy industry; Household products industry, and processing heat sealing welding of various plastic products such as leather, artificial leather, leather embossed indentation, etc, Heat seal welding of hot water bottle, warm handbag, blister shell, PVC blister shell, three-dimensional packaging bag, PVC ice bag, granule embossing, PVC packaging bag, glasses box, shoe upper embossing, identification belt, PVC calendering film, and blowing toy.
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