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Technical Analysis of High Frequency Welding Machine

High frequency welding machine is a kind of high frequency dielectric heating technology applied in the field of plastic packaging equipment.

The main principle of the amount and high field of plastic polar molecules repeated torsion to produce friction heat, and then achieve the purpose of heat welding, welding temperature is uniform inside and outside. Any PVC > 10% plastic sheet material, regardless of its soft or hard, which can be used high frequency plastic thermal sealing machine thermal sealing. HF plastic welding machine can be required according to the characteristics of plastic, plastic products heat welding, choose to add stepless heating device, the temperature can be adjusted according to the nature of the material corresponding temperature, mainly for the surface heating mold. High frequency adopts the newly developed self-current protection device system, whose main function is to protect the high frequency electron tube from unnecessary burning due to excessive current. High frequency adopts the latest technology of the United States anti-ignition device system, it mainly using NL5557 high sensitive spark device, which can instantly protect the high frequency mold because the current is too large and lead to high frequency mold burn out.
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