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The Benefits of Time-sharing Welding

Recently, customers have inquired about the differences between the current heating process design and the single stage current heating in the three periods of the sun shading machine, the high frequency carpet welding machine and the high frequency heating molding equipment. Let me give you a little more details here.

In traditional high-frequency equipment, welding current will change with the welding state of the product, in the welding PVC products, the current state of the single segment of the time period is slowly rising at the initial time, and the closer it is to the heating, the higher the current is.

The slow rise of traditional HF welding equipment will affect the production beat and efficiency. The process of increasing current acceleration can easily cause the fire breakdown of the product.

Here's our three-time automatic control:

In the first period, the equipment will adjust automatically, and it will widen to set current rapidly, then reduce the time of the current instability and current increase caused by different materials.

In the second period, it will keep the current in the stable heating automatically and avoid the rapid increase of current.

In the third period, it will lower the current automatically, and then let the welding material cool and finalize the design.

It is obvious that such a process differs from the process in which the current increases naturally regardless of time. The welding qualification rate is also different.

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