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The Damage of Unshielded High Frequency Equipment

A stably operated equipment that up to the standard of environmental protection must has the shielding structure, it also needs some electronic elements such as smoothing, bypass, isolation, and rigorous shielding equipment. Our company participated in Zhejiang University's investigation about the impact of high-frequency radiation on the environment and human bodies. The result of the investigation makes us always equip the shielding structure for high frequency welding equipment over the years.

The damage of unqualified shielding structure:

1. Long-term radiation will cause heart disease and fetal malformation, less serious situation is when the operator close to the equipment, he will feel heated.
2. Spurious resonance of equipment itself will cause instability of equipment situation and technological parameter,  it will lead to the big fire and the unexplained damage of component and parts.
3. Disturb the digital components of equipment and long-term high radiation operation will cause the unexplained loss of PLC, touch screen, and stored parameter.
4. Disturb surroundings, numerical control equipment, computers and so on, then it causes electrical equipment damaged easily and program chaos.
In China, environmental protection of high-frequency equipment cannot get the correct cognition all the time, we hope everybody can choose the high-frequency equipment that up to the national standard for your health and enterprise safety.
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