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The Difference and Main Use of the High Frequency Plastic Welder and Blister Packaging Machine

Ⅰ. The difference between the high frequency plastic welder and blister packaging machine:

The blister machine (also known as the thermoplastic moulding machine) is a kind of machine that produces various shapes of advanced packaging and decoration boxes, frames and other products with PVC, PE, PP, PET, HIPS and other thermoplastic coiled materials which are plastified by heating. The high frequency plastic welder makes use of vacuum suction generated by vacuum pump to produce various shapes of vacuum cover, plastic tray, blister pack, etc. through the mould with PVC, PET and other thermoplastic plastic sheets which have been heated up and softened.

However, the blister packaging machine is a completely different kind of equipment-the high frequency machine (high frequency). If we describe these two devices in a way that is easy to understand, the plastic shell of the toothbrush packaging is made by the blister packaging machine, and the task of the high frequency plastic welder is to seal the paper card to the shell.

Ⅱ. The main use of the high frequency plastic welder and blister packaging machine:

The high frequency machine is mainly suitable for the thermal sealing and packaging of pure PVC, TPU, EVA or any hard and soft plastic, artificial leather, clothing fabric containing PVC 10%.

The high frequency plastic welder belong to high-frequency equipment, which generates high-frequency electromagnetic fields from the tube self-exciter. The processed plastic is in the high-frequency magnetic field between the upper and lower electrodes, and its internal packages move and rub against each other to generate heat, which can achieve the purpose of welding under the pressure of the mould. That is, the high-frequency electric field is used to make the molecules inside the plastic oscillate to generate heat energy to fuse various products.

The machine features of the high frequency plastic welder :

1. The pressure inside is huge, and the welding, hot pressing and cutting can be completed in one step, the cutting edge is smooth and the hand feel is excellent.

2. With an automatic sliding table device, the sliding table moves quickly and accurately.

3. The special electronic circuits of various control devices can avoid an improper operation, and can weld products in the fastest time and increase product output.

4. Highly sensitive spark protection device, when sparks are generated, it can automatically cut off the high-cycle circuit to reduce damage to the parts and objects. When the current is too high, it will automatically cut off the high-voltage guarantee oscillating tube and rectifier.

5. The oscillation frequency complies with the international industrial band standard.

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