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The Difference Between HF Fusing Machine and HF Welding Machine

The similarity between HF fusing machine and HF welding machine is that they both use HF welding function. The difference between them lies in the HF pressure and output method. The HF welding machine adopts HF principle and cylinder pressure, and the pressure is generally not large. Because pressure and HF output are carried out at the same time and are in place at one time, it is only suitable for product welding, sealing, embossing, and welding and fusing of pure PVC materials. The HF fusing machine uses a pressurized cylinder with a pressure of several tons and dozens of tons to pressurize. Its output separates into two stages that the welding is completed and then the pressure is pressed down. So, the HF fusing machine is suitable for welding and cutting products, such as leather and fabric-containing products and simultaneously formed products with environmentally friendly materials, shoe materials, mobile phone holsters and paper card blister packaging trimming.

The difference between HF fusing machine and single-head HF welding machine:

Ⅰ. Features of high frequency fusing machine

1. The left and right two-way automatic sliding table continuously pushes the mold back and forth, which is efficient.

2. Welding and cutting are at once with the smooth leather paper-plastic trimming.

3. High-frequency fusing machine adopts Taiwanese motor drive and linear track to ensure accurate position positioning.

4. It adopts high-density 5557 anti-spark protection device.

Ⅱ. Performance of high frequency fusing machine:

1. Toothbrush/teeth, blister elevator packaging and paper card blister can be simultaneously fused.

2. APET, PET, PETG environmental protection material double-sided blister packaging.

3. APET, PET, PETG, PE, PP environmental protection material folding box press trimming.

4. Embossed trimming of synthetic fabrics and leather.

5. Welding and melting of various difficult materials.

Ⅲ. Performance of high frequency welding machine:

1. The high-sensitivity US-originated double-tube spark protection device can effectively protect molds and product defects, thereby greatly reducing the probability of mold burnout, ensuring the machine's long-term frequency work, and greatly extending the life of the machine and reducing machine failures.

2. High-frequency current adjustment uses stepless electrode adjustment, which is simple and easy to learn.

3. It is equipped with high-frequency frequency stabilizer and high-frequency shielding device to minimize high-frequency interference.

4. The automatic overcurrent protection system increases the service life of the vacuum tube and protects the mold.

5. The imported fans of HF welding machine have with greater wind power and more stable, which makes the vacuum tube longer service life.

In general, the HF welding machine can press products that can be pressed by the HF fusing machine. Moreover, it can not only weld but also has the cutting function, reducing the cumbersome production process. For example, the product you press requires cutting equipment but using a HF welding machine. After you press the product, you need to use special cutting equipment to cut the product, which not only costs labor but also wastes time. The HF fusing machine is a synchronous forming device, which can not only press the product and cut it at the same time to improve the production efficiency very well. However, if you use a HF welding machine to press things, you don't need to use a HF fusing machine, because the HF welding machine is cheaper than the HF fusing machine. Here is just a little suggestion for you. The specific choice of machine depends on your product requirement.

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