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The High Frequency Hot-sealing Machine

The high-frequency hot-sealing machine is mainly used for plastic welding and welding of various polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and dry shape of the board wood and so on. It is widely used in car interior trim, car seat, car door panel, raincoat, plastic cover, swimming circle, inflatable toy, soft film smallpox, etc. And the special products can be customized according to customer's specific requirements.

The heating principle of the HF plastic welding machine:
It is under the action of the high-frequency electric field, and the molecules of the heated substance are displaced, and then it will form the electric dipole, and the electric dipole will be repeatedly polarized. The electric field energy absorbed by the material is converted into heat energy to achieve the purpose of heating. By using different types of molds and different kinds of materials, different dielectric losses can be used to heat the heated material so that the energy can be concentrated to the desired position, this is why the high efficiency of the high-frequency hot-sealing machine.

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