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The Main Scope of Application and Use of High Frequency

1. The scope of high frequency:

High frequency is mainly used in the processing, thermal sealing, welding and sealing of medical supplies, plastic, plastic packaging, clothing embossing processing, automotive interior accessories, inflatable toys, household products and a variety of plastic products. For example, the high frequency plastic fusing machine and machinable thermal welding sealing such as: Blister sealing, PVC plastic blister sealing, PVC blister welding, PVC plastic blister welding, battery packaging sealing, hardware tools sealing, PETG blister sealing, blister cardboard sealing, U disk packaging sealing, memory chip packaging sealing, PVC blister sealing, high frequency plastic fusion welding, high frequency plastic welding, high frequency plastic sealing, double-sided blister sealing, PVC double-sided blister sealing, double-sided cardboard blister sealing, cardboard blister sealing, plastic thermal sealing welding, and so on.

2. The use of high frequency:

The high frequency plastic welder is a kind of machine applied in the field of plastic packaging with the working principle of the high frequency dielectric heating technology, which enables electronic self-excited generator to produce a high frequency electric field, and the high frequency electric field is imposed on the electrode. Then under the action of the high frequency electric field, the molecular structure of plastics will have the polarization phenomenon and generate heat itself, and achieve the hot melting effect under the pressure. Why should the fusing mould be used with the high frequency synchronous fusing machine as a set?

1. The high frequency synchronous fusing machine is suitable for the blister packaging of electronic products, such as sanitary ware, hardware products, daily necessities, cosmetics, small household appliances and others.
2. The high frequency synchronous fusing machine which is used with the fusing mould, can fuse and cut blister made of PVC, APET, PETG, PET, GAG and other materials so as to achieve the purpose of sealing.
3. The high frequency synchronous fusing machine adopts high quality copper, imported spring and blade with the fine workmanship and quality assurance. Blister products pressed out of it boast smooth hand feeling without scraping hand, which are beautiful and elegant.

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