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The Normal Operation of the High-frequency Blister Sealing Machine Depends on the Protection of Whic

High frequency machine is used in many industries, such as for plastic products, and fabric printing for clothing, and it can also be used to assist the processing of parts of products. Therefore, it has many types and one of the most commonly used equipment is the high frequency blister sealing machine in the plastic industry.

Thus, a lot of people are curious about the high frequency blister sealing machine. Which parts are maintaining its normal operation? In fact, the principle is not complicated and the normal operation mainly relies on the output protector and output system.

1. Output protector of high frequency blister sealing machine

(1) Output maintenance: When the output power is adjusted too large, the high cycle output will be disconnected. And the rectifier pipe of the fuselage can be maintained without being damaged due to excessive current.

(2) Flame maintenance: In the working process, if the mold causes a flashover, the protection device will disconnect the output, and the mold will be automatically raised to prevent itself from being destroyed by the flashover.

(3) Temperature control: In addition to the heating function of the equipment, the motor also has a 2000W heater sheet and its temperature controller can accelerate the melting time by heating the mold. However, problems may occur. At this time, the output protector can protect the output temperature of the device.

(4) Adjustment of load rate: Coaxial output oscillators with low damage should be selected in order to adjust the output force anytime and anywhere based on the size of the mold and the thickness of the plastic particles.

During the actual operation, the adjustment of the load rate can be larger and it can also be coordinated with the time system in order to be not disturbed the communication equipment.

2. Output system of high frequency blister sealing machine

The output power engineering is strong. The frequency caused by the oscillator is 27.12MHZ or 40.68MHZ, which is in line with the international industrial production band specification and can melt handicrafts faster and increase product output;

Increased spacing: A three-position relay is set underneath, which can cooperate with the application of the time system and the spacing of cylinders can be adjusted. It can reduce the time needed for cylinder release and acquisition, and improve the production rate.

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