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The Reasons Why High Frequency Bonding Machine Cannot Do Heat Seal

The high-frequency bonding machine uses the principle that the medium is polarized by a high-frequency electric field for heat sealing. The advantage is the even heat, the reliable adhesion and no carbonization, which makes it the most commonly used packaging equipment in the packaging industry. The high-frequency bonding machine is a kind of high-frequency equipment, also known as high-frequency machine. When using it, various problems will occur, causing the machine to not work normally. So how to solve these common problems? We hope the following can help you all.

Ⅰ. Material selection of high frequency bonding machine

First determine whether the material is suitable for high-frequency welding (it must contain more than 10% PVC), whether the high-frequency connection is correct (it must make sure that the high-frequency output is normal), whether the welding time and pressure setting are reasonable (according to the type of material and thickness), whether the mold design is reasonable ( to ensure that the pressure can be well transmitted to the welding surface), and whether the temperature setting is reasonable.

Ⅱ. Causes and troubleshooting of high frequency bonding machine failure

1. Turn on the power, then you can hear the low frequency "buzzing" sound of the power transformer of the high-frequency bonding machine. Touch the automatic micro switch, and the solenoid valve can be closed. Then open the cover, and it can be found that the tube filament is reddish, and the measured voltage is lower than the normal voltage. It is judged that the load may be disconnected from the "buzzing" sound. After measuring the high-voltage rectifier circuit, there are two high-voltage rectifier silicon particles that have broken down, which can be replaced by two silicon particles with a withstand voltage of 20KV. After the operation, it can be heated and produced normally, that is, troubleshooting.

2. The high-frequency bonding machine is turned on and the power light is on. The heat-sealing solenoid valve can be pulled in, but it cannot do heat sealing. The high-voltage rectifier circuit is normal when the cover is opened. The filter inductance and the brightness of the tube filament are also normal. Thus, the faults are concentrated in the resistive and capacitive oscillating circuit. If the grid resistance is normal when the power is cut off, and the leakage phenomenon occurs in the two high voltage oscillating capacitors, it indicates that the oscillation condition is damaged, the capacitors are broken down, and high-frequency electric field cannot be generated. After the replacement of the withstand voltage capacitance, the high-frequency heat generator is normal, that is, the fault is eliminated. The above is the investigation and brief description of the two failure phenomena of the high frequency bonding machine cannot work.

3. If the electron tube of the high frequency bonding machine does not light up, please replace it.

4. If resistance breakdown occurs in the high frequency bonding machine, please change the resistance.

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