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The Use Method and Precautions of Double-head High Frequency Plastic Welding Machine

How to correctly use the double-head high frequency plastic welding machine and the daily safety precautions are related to every high-frequency user. With the development of the Internet, we are getting closer and closer to users. Any operation problems encountered on the device can be guided online through the Internet.

1. How to use double-head high frequency plastic welding machine

The use of double-head high frequency plastic welding machine is what every user and every novice wants to know. Please read carefully about the correct operation sequence of the double-head high frequency machine: install the mold-debug the current-normal production-finished product collection.

(1) Install the mold

First of all, we install the mold in the mold clamp, then loosen the four balance handles, and lightly touch the pedal mold with the worktable, observe the gap between them, and adjust the balance between the mold and the worktable through the balance handles. If the balance handle cannot solve the balance, we have to consider two reasons:

① Whether the mold itself is deformed;

② The workbench itself is not level.

In these two cases, we can't level the mold, and we need to use external force to level the mold.

(2) Debug current

After we adjust and level the mold, control the welding time to about 4 seconds, and adjust the power output coordinator to the minimum, and then put the insulating film and material on the workbench. After positioning the mold and the material with the right foot, then the left foot is used to step the high frequency switch of the high frequency plastic welding machine. Observe the direction of the ammeter, and slowly increase the value of the co-modulator to increase the amount of current. After the time is up, observe whether the product is welded firmly. If the welding effect is not good, then slowly increase the value of the coordinator until the welding is firm.

(3) Normal production

When we debug the current to be normal, we deliver it to the operator and tell them about the equipment welding time, welding current and air pressure and other parameters, and they are proficient in material positioning and mold positioning.

(4) Finished product collection

When we are in normal production, the welded finished products are collected together in a storage box. Ensure that there is no debris on the work surface of our equipment. Production in a clean and tidy environment is an important link we advocate.

2. Precautions for double-head high frequency plastic welding machine

Regardless of whether it is a tuning master or an operator, always pay attention to the safety precautions of the high frequency plastic welding machine.

(1) It is forbidden to touch the equipment with any part of the body during use to prevent electromagnetic wave scalding;

(2) When we are in the process of product positioning, the left foot is forbidden to step on the high-frequency switch to prevent the handle from being crushed by the cylinder working. We must pay attention to the positioning and leave the working area before turning on the high-frequency;

If you encounter the mold sparking during use, you must wipe the mold and the insulating film clean with alcohol before using it. If the insulating film burns out, you must replace it.

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