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The Welding Method of Conveyor Belt Welding Machine

Plastic welding process of conveyor belt welding machine is achieved in there ways, softening by external heat source, softening by mechanical motion and softening by electromagnetic action.

Conveyor belt welder used in hot plate welding can be said to be the most simple plastic welding technology. It is especially suitable for welding large plastic materials which need large area of welding surface. The general conveyor belt welding machine acts on the waterproof material. The heat produced softens the product. The period is longer. The molten resin will stick to the waterproofing board and it will not be easy to clean. Impurities that affect bonding strength will be formed for a long time. Pressure and time should be strictly controlled to ensure proper melting amount. With different kinds of resin or metal and resin joint, there will be insufficient strength. But the conveyor belt welding machine produced by our company adopts the way that welding device is simple and welding strength is high, and the shape design of products and welding parts is relatively easy. Generally, after melting and softening the two plastic planes to be welded, remove it quickly to electric heating plate and combine the two surfaces and apply force until it is cooling down.

Another way is that when the hot air flow of the welding machine is blowing to the joint area, melt the welding wire between the joint area and the waterproof material and the weld is formed by melting the soldered plastic with the filling material. The welding machine equipment of this method is light and easy to carry but the welding skill requirement of the operator is higher. The two technologies of hot rod and pulse welding are mainly used in the welding of plastic film with small thickness. The two methods are similar. They press two thin films together and use the instantaneous heat generated by a hot rod or nickel-chromium wire to complete the welding.
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