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Welding and Cooling Time of High Frequency Plastic Welding Machine

1. The welding duration of the high frequency plastic welding machine: usually thicker or larger products need to be set for a longer time. However, the welding time is inversely proportional to the output power of the machine, that is, the greater the output power or the smaller the welding area, the shorter the welding time required, and vice versa. If the high-frequency plastic welding machine works continuously, the mold temperature will increase accordingly, so when the machine works for 5-10 minutes, the welding time should be shortened accordingly.

2. When debugging the high-frequency plastic welder, first set the welding time to about 2 seconds, then adjust the high-frequency output and the temperature of the hot head (if heating is needed), and then add or subtract the time to get the best effect. The oscillation time is equal to the duration of the high cycle.

3. The setting time of the high-frequency plastic welder is also the duration of the control of natural cooling, which is also the time from the stop of the oscillation to the time before the pressure head rises. During this period, the indenter has been pressed on the product, and the welding position is formed through natural heat dissipation. If the cooling time is not enough, some wavy stripes will be produced. For thicker product materials, a relatively long cooling time is required. There is no high cycle in the setting time, and the duration of the product forming is maintained.

4. The rising time of the high frequency plastic welding machine refers to the time to control the rising height of the indenter, which can effectively control the rising distance of the indenter. For welding products with thin materials, it is not necessary to raise the indenter to the highest position in each cycle. Adjusting the rise time can speed up the production cycle and improve efficiency. Setting the rising time allows the indenter to rise until the product can be taken out of the mold.

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