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What Are the Advantages of the High Frequency Plastic Welding Machine?

High frequency plastic welding machine is the preferred equipment for plastic heat sealing, and it refers to electromagnetic waves with a frequency greater than 100KMZ. It can be divided into the pure double-head pedal high frequency and double-head pneumatic high frequency. The reason is that high frequency electromagnetic waves can be transmitted through the high frequency oscillatory pipe in the oscillating barrel, and then transmitted to the upper and lower electrodes of the head of construction equipment through the high frequency circuit to generate a high frequency electromagnetic field. Based on the direction of the electromagnetic field and conflicting directions, it can make the processed PVC, TPU, EVA and other polar plastic molecules accelerate the action of the electromagnetic field and generate a large amount of Joule heat. Therefore, what are the commendable advantages of the high frequency plastic welder? Liaoning Yufei will introduce it in the following part.

1. Automation of high frequency plastic welder

The high frequency plastic welder has two sliding table positions. After the operator puts the product in and pushes the sliding table to the end, the machine head will perform the automated functions, such as automatic descent, automatic heating, automatic rise and automatic exit from the sliding table. The whole operation process can be completed, which offers conveniences for staff to use.

2. Adjustment of output of high frequency plastic welder

The high frequency plastic welder adopts a coaxial oscillator, which can reduce the damage effectively. The output force can be adjusted anytime based on the mold size and the thickness of the rubber material so that there is no interference with the telecommunications of the high frequency machine. The adjustment of the output can also match with the time to achieve fusing the product in the shortest time, which directly improves the production capability.

3. Protection device of high frequency plastic welder

The protection device function of the high frequency plastic welder can be divided into current limiting protection and spark protection. The function of current limiting protection is to automatically cut off the output of the high frequency plastic welder when the output force is too large. It can effectively protect the electron tube from being damaged due to excessive current. The function of spark protection is that it can directly cut off the output when there is flashover occurs in the mold during the working process of the high frequency plastic welder. The mold can also automatically raise and away from the product in order to ensure that it will not be damaged due to flashover.

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