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What is a High Frequency Plastic Thermal Bonding Machine?

High frequency machine is the general term for all high frequency plastic heat sealing machines. One is used for welding plastic materials and the other is used for heating metal materials. Next, Yufei will explain to you the high frequency plastic heat sealing machine.

Ⅰ. What is a high frequency plastic thermal bonding machine?

High frequency plastic thermal bonding machine (also known as high frequency plastic welding machine) is a special medium heating equipment that uses the principle of high frequency medium heating to heat and process PVC and other plastics. It belongs to high frequency equipment. It is produced by using a tube self-excited oscillator. The processed plastic part is polarized in the high-frequency electromagnetic field between the upper and lower poles, and its internal molecules are polarized and rub against each other to generate heat, and achieve the purpose of welding under the pressure of the mold. Use high-frequency energy to fuse two or more plastic workpieces, and heat and fuse the materials together through high frequency. Through this fusion method, the firmness of the workpiece is the same as the firmness of the adhesive itself. The equipment consists of a high-frequency oscillator, load matching system, power supply system, electromagnetic radiation suppression system, mechanical power transmission system and workbench.

Ⅱ. Working principle of high frequency plastic thermal bonding machine

The high frequency electromagnetic field is produced by the self-excited vibration of the electron tube. Under the action of the high-frequency electromagnetic field, the internal molecules of the processed medium material (plastic) are polarized and arranged according to the direction of the electric field. Due to the action of the high-frequency electric field, the dielectric material changes its direction at a very fast speed, and then the dielectric material generates heat of the plastic itself due to the violent movement of the internal molecules, and it is fused and shaped under the pressure of the mold.

Ⅲ. Whether the high frequency plastic thermal bonding machine can be used for any plastic materials

This depends on the molecular structure of the plastic material. These materials are most commonly used for PVC, PYP, ETT, PU, EVA and other PVC compounds. They are usually used for pure PVC or any soft or hard film containing more than 30% PVC, leather or cloth. Processing.

4. Does the high frequency plastic thermal bonding machine need a mold?

The answer is yes. In order to achieve the ideal fusion effect, the corresponding copper or aluminum mold must be made according to the product specifications.

Ⅴ. The advantages of RF plastic thermal bonding machine

1. Spark suppression

When sparks are generated, a special electronic circuit will automatically cut off the high frequency to protect the mold and product.

2. Protective device

When overcurrent, the overload current relay automatically protects the oscillator tube and rectifier.

3. Stable weekly rate

The oscillation frequency of this machine adopts the international industrial frequency band 27.12MHz or 40.68MHz, and the output frequency is stable, in line with international standards, and is suitable for use everywhere.

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