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What Preparations Need to Be Done after Buying a High-Frequency Welding Machine?

Many people will have such a doubt that after buying the equipment from high frequency welding machine manufacturers, what work should be prepared before the equipment enters the factory? Based on our years of experience, we will tell you that the first preparation for the machines before entering the factory is of course the site, electricity, gas (hydraulic oil is required if it is hydraulic), high-frequency molds, insulating materials and so on.

1. Site requirements for high frequency welding machine

First of all, high frequency welding machine manufacturers are required to provide the external dimensions of the HF machine, and arrange a suitable place according to the actual size. We recommend that the customer chooses a safe location on the first floor of the factory due to the weight of the equipment when purchasing a high-power high-frequency machine. The machine has very high requirements on the workshop environment for building a dust-free and clean workshop. Otherwise, in an environment with too much dust, the high-frequency oscillator will accumulate dust, cause frequent ignition and unstable current and then easily damage electron tubes. To ensure good ventilation in the workshop, it is not recommended to use this equipment in closed high-temperature workshops, especially in hot summer production workshops, which are particularly prone to failure of HF machines.

2. Requirements for the capacity of high frequency welding machine

The size of the cable and air switch should be calculated by the power of the purchased high-frequency machine. Common high-frequency machine powers are 5KW, 8KW, 10KW, 12KW, 15KW, 25KW, 35KW, 50KW, etc. It is recommended that customers use 4 square copper cables for 5KW, 6 square copper cables for 8KW, 10KW and 12KW, 10 square copper cables for 15KW, 16 square copper cables for 25KW, and 25 square copper cables for 35KW and 50KW to meet the equipment requirements.

The selection of the switch capacity of the circuit breaker should also be according to the power of the high frequency machine, 5KW for 32A circuit breaker, 8KW, 10KW, 12KW for 63A circuit breaker, 15KW, 25KW for 100A circuit breaker, 35KW for 160A circuit breaker, and 50KW for 200A circuit breaker (declaration: all circuit breakers do not need to have leakage protectors, and ordinary circuit breakers can be switched).

3. Gas consumption requirements for high frequency welding machine

An air compressor should be purchased according to the size of the cylinder of the high-frequency machine and the required air volume. The larger the diameter of the cylinder, the larger the required intake air volume, the greater the air compressor power required. First, an air compressor of appropriate size should be according to the air consumption of the equipment. If the air consumption is frequent, it is recommended to install the air storage tank to ensure the stability of the pressure. Because in the use of high-frequency machines, current stability and pressure are very important factors, and unstable pressure will lead to unstable current when the equipment is used.

4. Mold for high frequency welding machine

Because of the different shapes and materials of the processed products, the corresponding high-frequency molds must be opened and must be prepared before the high frequency welding machine enters the factory.

5. Insulation film for high frequency welding machine

Because the equipment needs a layer of insulating material under the product during use, this insulating material is a consumable for high-frequency machines which customers can prepare more. Common insulating materials include yellow wax paper, highland barley paper, kraft paper, high temperature cloth, silica gel, Bakelite and polyester film.

The above five basic tasks are recommended for customers to prepare before the equipment enters the site, so that high frequency welding machine manufacturers can easily install and debug the equipment.

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