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What Products Can Be Made by High Frequency Plastic Welding Machine?

The high frequency machine is a high-tech that uses the principle of electromagnetic wave penetration heating for plastic melting. The high frequency welding machine produced by the high frequency welding machine manufacturer is mainly used for processing of PVC plastic, TPU plastic and 30% PVC mixed materials. The friction between the upper and lower electrodes of the high-frequency machine generates heat to make the plastic molecules instantaneously polarized and dissolved, and a certain pressure is matched with the corresponding mold to achieve the purpose of welding.

High-frequency plastic welding machine has a wide range of uses, and is commonly used for welding and sealing plastic products.

1. Automotive interior industry: automotive sun visors, automotive door panels, automotive footboards, seat waists, etc.;

2. Medical industry: urine bags, blood bags, waste liquid bags, medicine bags, oxygen bags, anti-mattresses, identification belts, etc.;

3. Inflatable industry: life jackets, life buoys, mattresses, sofas, swimming rings;

4. Packaging industry: blister, double-sided blister, blister cardboard, PET blister;

5. Industrial products: membrane structure, tarpaulin, canvas, manure removal belt, graphene floor heating, electric heating film, rolling door, etc.

6. Household items: carpets, ice pads, cooling liquid pads, hot water bottles, magnetic curtains, anti-skid pads, etc.

Different product processing requirements are different. Choose reasonable non-standard high-frequency machine equipment to process corresponding products according to the product technical plan. High-frequency welding machine manufacturers make plans according to product requirements. When processing different products, molds are required during the welding process. Generally, high-frequency welding machine manufacturers have related supporting businesses.

Most of the common high-frequency machines on the market are standard double-head pedal pneumatic type and single-head sliding table type; high-power high-frequency machines need to be customized according to product requirements. Customers can choose whether the product can be processed according to the equipment they purchased. For example, it is not realistic to make a large product with a low-power high-frequency machine.

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