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Why is it Important to Correctly Match High Frequency Welders

In the welding process of solid state high frequency welding machine, the ability to transfer all welder power to the working coil is determined by coil impedance (load), match of ratio between maximum output voltage and maximum output current of transformer. If these values are not adjusted to equal, the welder power cannot be fully output to the coil. A 400 kilowatt welder may only deliver 200 kilowatts to the coil if the load and converter match is reduced by 50 percent. In this case, the production speed of the unit will be lower than speed achieved when the load of the welder is perfectly matched. The specific performance is that the car can not speed up.

The coil, as part of the resonant oscillation circuit, determines the welding frequency. If the coil inductance required by the converter does not match well, a welding machine designed to work at 300KHz May only work at 200KHz, because 50% of the time there is no matching. This will seriously affect the quality of the welded pipe. This has some obstacles for high frequency welding machine for PVC. Therefore, the high frequency welder correct matching is very important. Liaoning Yufei High Frequency Equipment Co.,ltd. is a professional high frequency welding machine manufacturing enterprise. It is committed to one model of design, production, sales of high - frequency welding machine, and after - sales maintenance.

Why is welding frequency such an important parameter?

Choosing the right welding frequency can not only improve the welding quality, but also improve the efficiency and save the cost. This is more profitable for high frequency pvc welder for sale for enterprise. Historically, the frequency of about 400KHz has proven to be the optimal frequency for induction welding processes. The welding frequency determines the width of the strip and the amount of extrusion. These parameters are necessary requirements to achieve good welding quality. High frequencies can reduce the depth of current penetration, a phenomenon known as the "Skin Effect." The skin effect concentrates the heat near the edge of the weld near the surface to achieve high quality forging welding with the minimum amount of extrusion. In contrast, low frequencies make more of the weld edge heated. In severe cases, it will cause brittle casting and welding. The reduction of the use of width of the steel belt makes the manufacturers save cost of raw materials of hundreds of thousands of yuan. The welding frequency also influences the set parameters of the unit, such as forming, opening Angle and other roll geometry parameters. In addition, the high-frequency welding process is more sensitive to the Settings of the above parameters in the low-frequency state. Poor coordination can result in more unqualified products and unstable welding quality.
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