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Why Is the High Frequency Plastic Welding Machine Not Working?

The biggest reason for high frequency plastic welding machine not working is that the equipment has been stopped for a long time and has not been used for a long time, or because the equipment is not maintained in time during the use. The economic problems, the time problems, the human problems that arise when the equipment doesn't work for whatever reason are very difficult to solve.

So how should we detect the reason why the high frequency plastic welding machine is not working, please follow the following process:

1. Connect the power supply. It can make sure that the input power voltage of the device is correct.

2. Normal startup. Observe whether the power indicator of the device is on normally.

3. Listen to the sound of the fan. After turning on the power indicator, listen carefully to see if there is a fan sound.

4. Warm up for 5 minutes. After the power supply and fan are running normally, observe whether the electron tube is normally on, and make sure to warm up for 5 minutes after it is on.

5. Current detection. Disconnect the air pressure, start the high-frequency switch, observe whether the pointer of the ammeter swings normally, and the no-load current is normal 0.2A.

6. Current does not work. Observe the swing amplitude of the ammeter pointer. If the pointer is hit to the end, it indicates high-voltage failure. Check the tube, capacitor, rectifier, and other relative parts. If it swings slightly and the over-current indicator is on, consider that the dust in the oscillating barrel is not blown clean, the space between capacitor chips or firepower saw blades is too narrow and other reasons.

7. The ammeter does not move a bit. Measure whether the grid resistance is normal or observe whether the contactor is normally closed.

For common reasons why the high frequency plastic welding machine cannot work normally, please conduct a self-check according to the above analysis steps.

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