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Why Is the Sliding Table High Frequency Machine the Preferred Blister Sealing Machine?

Blister sealing packaging is commonly used in the packaging of various hardware tools, electronic products, cosmetics and pet toys. In the blister packaging industry, it is recommended that the single-head sliding high-frequency machine is the best high-frequency blister sealing machine. The high-frequency blister sealing machine is designed with left and right sliding operation and can automatically control the welding time. Meanwhile, the humanized design circuit creates a special sealing device for the blister industry.

Ⅰ. Working process of high frequency blister sealing machine:

The blister sealing first needs to design a high-frequency mold according to the sealing requirements of the molded blister to seal different needs. For the sliding high-frequency blister sealing machine, the mold is designed with one upper and two bottoms. Each of the left and right sliding tables has one bottom mold while the upper mold is fixed on the upper platen with screws. The alternate use of double sliding tables greatly increases the production output of the enterprise.

Ⅱ. Advantages of the sliding table high frequency blister sealing machine:

1. Imported 5557 anti-ignition system.

2. Development of high-frequency shielding molds for electronic product blister packaging.

3. The packaging of electronic products is 100% shielded.

4. Thicker guide rail is more durable.

The sliding table high frequency blister sealing machine is not only used in the blister packaging industry. With the continuous innovation of technology and the continuous expansion of the scope of application, the high-frequency blister sealing machine can also be used in the following areas, such as medical supplies (urine bags, identification tapes, blood bags), household goods (door mats, non-slip mats, graphite olefin floor heating), inflatable industry (air cushions, swimming rings, bedsore cushions), automotive industry (car foot pedals, sun visors) and industrial products (conveyor belts, chicken manure belts, membrane structures, canvas, tarpaulins, magnetic curtains).

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