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Working Principle and Application of HF Plastic Welder

Ⅰ. Working principle of HF plastic welder

The processed PVC, TPU, EVA plastic film materials rub and heat between the upper and lower electrodes of high-frequency electromagnetic waves to make the plastic molecules instantaneously polarized. With the corresponding high-frequency mold and a certain pressure, welding can be achieved.

Ⅱ. Advantages of HF plastic welder

1. The welding speed of HF plastic welder is fast, and two or more layers of soft plastic can be instantly fused within a few seconds.

2. Energy saving and environmental protection. Compared with traditional heating equipment, it has more advantages, such as instant heating and instant cooling.

3. It is safe and reliable. The soft plastic is fused through the high-frequency mold but the plastic surface is not harmed and adhered firmly.

Ⅲ. Performance of HF plastic welder

1. The frequency is stable and meets international standards.

2. It has multiple uses if different products require different molds.

3. It can be customized according to the plastic welding plan.

4. High-frequency machine products with different power, model and degree of automation can be customized.

5. It has automatic overcurrent protection and automatic spark protection system.

Ⅳ. Application of HF plastic welder

It can be mainly used in the medical industry, automotive interior industry, industrial film industry, household goods industry, inflatable plastic industry, blister packaging industry and leather embossing industry.

Ⅴ. Products of HF plastic welder

Urine bags, blood bags, bedsore mattresses, air cushions, membrane structures, manure removal belts, tarpaulins, tents, carpets, door mats, fire-resistant rolling doors, blister shells, electric heating film envelopes, magnetic door curtains, embossed leather cushions, etc.

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