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Working Principle and Characteristic of RF Dryer

RF dryer is a kind of high efficiency leather drying equipment.

Working principle of RF Dryer

In the high-frequency electric field, the dielectric water in the wet leather will be affected by the electric field, causing molecular disturbance and friction and heat between molecules, so that the moisture in the leather will get enough heat and vaporize, and then the steam will be taken away by the air to achieve the purpose of leather drying.

Characteristics of high frequency dryer

(1) The RF dryer working speed is fast because the electrical energy into heat, high frequency electric field and leather do not need any intermediary, so in the moment that leather is electrified, heat will produce, to achieve the purpose of rapid drying.

(2) Uniform drying, good leather quality if the leather dry to the specific moisture content, will encounter a lot of problems, one of them is the moisture uniformity problem. In the past, most tanneries have dried the leather to a leathery state and then rewetted it. It is said that only in this way can the leather have a uniform moisture content so that it can be tendered. The high frequency heating drying method is very different, the leather part of the absorption of heat is proportional to the moisture content of the part. As a result, the wet parts absorbed more heat energy, so that the moisture content of the whole skin became uniform. The traditional drying method can only carry out conventional drying, the wet parts retain more water, unless it is always drying, until all the water evaporation, so it is very easy to cause excessive drying and loss of area.

(3) Easy to operate, easy to control temperature, easy to achieve automation.

(4) High power consumption, gasification of 1kg of water about 8kW·h power.
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