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Working Principle Of HF PVC Welder

HF PVC welder is different from other welders. Its function and application is not just welding. HF PVC welder can be used not only in welding of various metal materials, but also in other processes such as diathermy, smelting, and heat treatment. Welding is just one of its various purposes.

Working principle of HF PVC welder:

First of all, there is a unique set of electronic circuits in high frequency welding machine for pvc, which converts low-frequency alternating current (50Hz) from the grid into high-frequency alternating current (generally above 20000Hz). After the high-frequency current is added to the inductance coil (i.e. the induction coil), the principle of electromagnetic induction is used to convert it into a high-frequency magnetic field and act on the metal object in the magnetic field. The eddy current effect is used to generate an induced current that is proportional to the strength of the magnetic field in a metal object. This eddy is affected by skin effect. The higher the frequency, the more concentrated it is on the surface of the metal object. When the eddy current flows in the metal body, it will generate heat by means of the intrinsic resistance value and the principle of thermal effect of current. This heat is generated directly inside the object. Therefore, the heating speed is fast and the efficiency is high. It can instantly melt any metal object. The heating speed and temperature can be controlled.

Characteristics of high-frequency current:

High-frequency currents have two unusual characteristics compared to either 50 or 60 hz power frequency currents.

First, the power-frequency current flows through the entire cross-section of the metal conductor (the current carrier), while the high-frequency current flows only on the surface of the metal conductor (the current carrier). The higher the frequency, the lower the utilization of carrier section. This is called the "skin effect".

Second, when two conductors carrying high-frequency current are close to each other, high-frequency currents do not flow uniformly across the entire surface of a metal conductor but flows on the adjacent surface of two conductors. This property is called the "proximity effect".

Therefore, this equipment is particularly suitable for heat treatment, quenching, annealing, metal diathermy forging, extrusion molding, solder welding and so on.
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