5kw Two Head Pvc Welding Machine Hf Welder

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5kw Two Head Pvc Welding Machine Hf Welder


Machine Features:

Over current protection, effective protection of electronic tubes.

High sensitive spark protection system, improve product qualification rate, protect mold and work-piece from fire damage.

Copper core transformer, stable and durable.

Line filters protection; avoid electric field radiation, equipment stable operation.

5kw Two Head Pvc Welding Machine Hf Welder application range:

High-frequency welding machine is mainly used in medical supplies industry, plastic, plastic packaging industry,  garment embossing processing industry , automotive interior parts industry , inflatable toy industry , home appliances industry and various plastic products welding heat sealing welding such as clothing embossing, shoe upper embossing, carpet press, hot water bag welding, PVC screen welding, embossing insole, leather embossing, leather trademark, embossed bags, PVC calendered film sealing.

About 5kw Two Head Pvc Welding Machine Hf Welder

This type of high-frequency welding machine has a compact structure and a small footprint. The accessories used by the machine are of good quality and can work continuously for a long time. The transformer adopts a copper core transformer with high capacity and is more durable than ordinary aluminum transformers.

Welded products:


Turntable high frequency machine design drawing:


I like your design, but couldn’t find the right model from the products catalog, is custom size available?
Customization is available. Equipment will be built on request from client....more
This type of high-frequency equipment is suitable for high-frequency leather embossing, film materials, medical bags, automotive interior products, etc.
The machine has two welding heads that can work separately to improve equipment efficiency.
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