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8kw General Car Mat Welding Equipment

8kw General Car Mat Welding Equipment

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Description of Mat Welding Machine

Radio frequency welding equipment is mainly used in the medical supplies industry, plastic, plastic packaging industry,  garment embossing processing industry , automotive interior parts industry , inflatable toy industry , home appliances industry and various plastic products welding heat sealing welding such as clothing embossing, shoe upper embossing, carpet press, hot water bag welding, PVC screen welding, embossing insole, leather embossing, leather trademark, embossed bags, PVC calendered film sealing, PVC plastic sealing, PVC plastic welding, hat embossing, Glove Embossing, Packaging Bags, Eyeglass Cases, Drain Bag Sealing, Urine Bag Sealing, Blood Bag Sealing, Inflatable Toys, Raincoat Heat Sealing, Underwater Pants Welding, Leatherette Embossing, Leather Labeling, Stationery, Basketball Embossing, Football Embossing , Electric heating Baohe, soft film ceiling welding, PVC anti-cursor, methane tank welding, high-frequency plastic drop embossing, plastic plastic heat welding.

Important spare parts are made from genuine electronic components from Japan, Germany, the United States, and Taiwan.
Strong output power: low-loss coaxial oscillator, coherent tuner, output force to shorten the welding time, increase production.
Frequency stability: The use of international industrial band 27.12MHz, the output cycle rate is stable, in line with international industrial band standards.
Anti-jamming device: equipped with frequency stabilizer and high-frequency magnetic field shielding system device to minimize high-frequency interference.
Safety performance: Regardless of sudden power failure or stoppage, the machine is stationary and will not suddenly rise or fall, raising workers' operational safety issues.
Heating function: suitable for different product processing needs.
Ruggedized rack: smooth and durable.

The functional description of Mat Welding Machine

Over current protection, effective protection of electronic tubes.
High sensitive spark protection system, improve product qualification rate, protect mold and work-piece from fire damage.
Copper core transformer, stable and durable.
Line filters protection; avoid electric field radiation, equipment stable operation.
The high-frequency cabinet is integrated with mainframe to save floor space.
High sensitive spark protection.
Slide platform to improve work efficiency.
Installation of positioning type universal casters, mobile positioning easy to solve

The help we can provide:

Warranty 12 months
We believe that the best after-sales service does not require after-sales service, and strive to improve the quality of equipment. All efforts to make products safe, comfortable and trouble-free.
Perfect protection circuit to avoid the damage for molds and workpieces
Certificates available: CE, ISO9001, CSR, High-Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation Monitoring Report

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