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Automated Travelling Head High Frequency Welding Machine

Automated Travelling Head High Frequency Welding Machine

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Equipment Description of Automated Travelling Head High-Frequency Welding Machine

Automated traveling head high-frequency welding machine, specializing in the production of architectural stretch film structure, tents, truck tarpaulins, PVC oil tanks, large advertising clothes, fast doors, swimming pool liners & covers, large inflatable models, airline hangars and so on. Special pulse welding can be used as auxiliary weldings such as for non-HF weldable fabrics such as PE and PP.

The stroke of automated traveling head high-frequency welding machine can be selected from 3m to 100m. Continuous welding is performed automatically within the traveling range. The precision of the knife can be controlled within 1mm. On the touch panel of the control panel, the position of the press welding head is constantly displayed, and the welding head can automatically return to the end of the stroke.

There are two walking tables on the back of the press. The operator can operate the machine with the press.

The Functional Description of Automated Travelling Head High-Frequency Welding Machine

PLC and color touchscreen control
Multiple sets of process parameters can be pre-stored for different materials and products and can be called at any time.
The highly sensitive spark protection circuit
Intelligent high-frequency power adjustment is achieved.
Automatic lifting of molds by the pneumatic system
Humanized design with station lighting
The table is designed with negative pressure adsorption to prevent material slippage.
The press moves along the precision linear slide to ensure high-precision operation.
The high frequency welding machine can be controlled in multiple positions with a control box on both sides and a workstation.

The help we can provide:
Warranty 12 months
We believe that the best after-sales service does not require after-sales service, and strive to improve the quality of equipment. All efforts to make products safe, comfortable and trouble-free.
Perfect protection circuit to avoid the damage to molds and workpieces
Certificates available: CE, ISO9001, CSR, High-Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation Monitoring Report

Oscillating power: 10/15/20 / 25-35kW
Power Supply: 15/22/30 / 38-45Kkva
Welding surface: 400-1200cm 2
Main fuse: 32/40/50 A
Operating frequency: 27.12 MHz ± 0.6%, HiQ Gen5 HF generator
Power Source: 3x400 V; 50 Hz
Power tube: Air-cooled cermet transistor
Fire Protection: Ultrafast Nanosecond Solid State AntiFlash™ System
Automatic adjustment: ATSTM automatic tuning system
PLC Control System: 10" Touch Screen HMI
Electro-pneumatic press (in 0.1 - 0,8 MPa): 260 - 2400 kg
Electrode pneumatic press (0.8MPa): 1600 / 2400kg
Electrode length: 1500 mm (optional 1700 mm)
Electrode stroke: up to 160 mm (ability to stop at any height)
Table length: up to 100m, 800mm section
Slot width: 600 x 400 mm - standard
Table width (without slots): 800mm
Space behind the electrode (with groove): 1000mm
Electrode Mounting: Quick Control, Pneumatic
Ground pin: standard, pneumatic drive
HF welding head drive: automatic, variable frequency control motor; line speed up to 0.5 m/s.
Size (length x height x width): 1970 x 1700 x 5400 / 8000mm
Weight: 1300 kg

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