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Automobile Car Panel HF Welder

Automobile Car Panel HF Welder

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Mainly application of Automobile Car Panel HF Welder

Used in auto obile inner decoration, car carpet, celling, door trim board, sun visor, chairs, etc.

Machine General Features of Automobile Car Panel HF Welder

  • Generally used for PVC, PET-G, A-PET, GAG, PU, PET, PLA materials.
  • The spark proof system to protect the molds and products.
  • C-frame or four-pillar presser, high strength, good rigidity.
  • High-frequency welding press operated pneumatically or hydraulic.
  • The size of the working table and welding platen can be customized.
  • Adjustable parameters can be set in two working tables separately
  • Dual manual or automatic sliding working tables.
  • Heated Upper platen with thermostat for helping HF welding process.
  • European square and cylinder HF vibration box, more reliable and stable in output.
  • CE approved equipment.
  • Site installation, training, and maintenance for customers.
  • Online serviced by telephone, email, fax, video and so on. Provide the service of basic setup and repair through remote live online video.

1. High sensitive spark protection function is our independent research and development, and one over one hundred thousand of a second circuit after long-term use can really start protection, instantaneous cut-off electric tube action and achieve the most effectively protect the mold and material from damage. Calculate by artifact rejection rate within one percent, per one million output value will save 10000 cost of raw materials, save the same proportion of labor costs at the same time, mold service life is longer

2. When people or other objects near or contact with the moving door, cylinder, and moving door can automatically separate, cylinder with moving door won't fall, only the moving door drop, strength is very small, reduce the damage to the human body and other objects. Reduce the occurrence of accidental injuries. The personal safety of operators and other personnel are greatly guaranteed.

3. equipment in maintenance, there will be automatic air lock locks in moving bed, automatic airlock to prevent moving bed down, reduce the maintenance personnel or equipment damage, has higher security.

4. Fast changing mold, upper and lower mold are precise, high speed, high efficiency, and high efficiency.

5. High-frequency electric field shielding, rigorous protection improve our equipment circuit, stable work, radiation protection level due to the national standard (GB18555-2001), such as segregation resistance, the bypass capacitor, these details for shielding electromagnetic places to work in place, is better than the same industry equipment. Really do full line shield, not just the outside door.

6. Power automatic tracking: feedback circuit set points in automatic regulation (power), due to the workpiece material is uneven, the change of the workpiece will automatically feedback. regulating function will start automatically. adjust the output of electric tube, because the equipment can control parameters in different periods, so you can weld the workpiece well with suitable current and power, and realize intelligent control, fast response, ensure product once forming rate, saving production time, improve product percent of the pass.

7. PLC automatic control, digital setting parameters, preexisting process parameters, product consistency, reduce individual labor intensity.

8. One-piece press, which is made of a piece of steel, good strength, little rigidity, high quality of the product.

9. The transformer capacity is large enough. Transformer output power is great, the transformer itself is not easy to burn, save cost, reduce the failure rate.

10. The circuit design is reasonable, ensure the equipment running all the year round. Circuit linear density is 2 times than others, stable function, low failure rate.

11. The industrial belt and membrane plate are rotated at 90 degrees, and the mold can be placed vertically, which can be welded in all directions according to the actual needs. Improve productivity.

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