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Car Seat Embossing HF Welder

Car Seat Embossing HF Welder

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Equipment Description of Car Seat Embossing Hf Welder

The two sides of the slide can be set up with three sections of adjustable time, adjustable power, and adjustable pressure.

Electromagnetic radiation conforms to GB/T18555-2001 (providing third party normal institution inspection certificate).

There are up to 30 kinds of fault alarm and solutions for fault protection. Sensitivity spark protection system protects the mold and the workpiece from the electric spark harm, reduces the loss, Improve product qualification rate.

The circuit design is perfect. Low voltage apparatus comes from Schneider. The equipment runs stable operation all the year round, reducing the trouble caused by the malfunction for the users The support we can provide:
  • Warranty 12 months
  • We believe that the best after-sales service does not require after-sales service, and strive to improve the quality of equipment. All efforts to make products safe, comfortable and trouble-free.
  • Perfect protection circuit to avoid the damage for molds and workpieces
  • Our quality management system is in conformity with ISO9001:2000 Standard and ecovadis(SCR). Our company is allowed to affix the "CE" mark on our products. We accept customized orders and superior quality, punctual delivery, and reasonable price are guaranteed.

Equipment model YF-HFM35-C7
Power input capacity 380V/50HZ 70KVA
High frequency output power 27.12 + 0.6%MHZ 35KW
Control mode PLC+touch screen SIEMENS
Sliding table lifting cylinder SDA50*20 AirTAC
Hydraulic cylinder HROB-125/80*200+DM RISEN
Hydraulic pump PV2R12-6/26-FREAA YUKEN
Maximum pressure 20T
Electrode size 900 x 650 Aluminum
Lower platen size 900 x 650 A3
Sliding Platen Size 1100 x 800 x 10 mm Aluminum
Oscillator Coaxial cylinder oscillator
Oscillating tube 8T87RB Toshiba Japan
Highly sensitive spark tube NL5557 National USA
Spark protection sensitivity 1/100000 sec high reliable protection circuit
Electric heating tube 12*600mm/1500W/220V 6
Stepper motor 34HS300D starter USA
Tuning mode automatic power tracking control to achieve real current control
Mode of work manual and automatic

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