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The Use of High Frequency Welding Machine

High frequency welding machine supplier Liaoning Yufei High Frequency Equipment Co., Ltd. tells you how to use professional high-frequency welding machine:

Operating procedures:

1. Only those who are familiar with the operation of this unit can use it.
2. Place the machine in a dry and ventilated place to ensure that the machine is in a horizontal position.
3. According to the welding requirements, add an appropriate amount of water in the water tank (the water surface exceeds the booster pump).
4. Check if the power cord is properly connected and there is looseness to ensure safety.

5. Welding process:

(1) Operators must wear clear glasses for operation.
(2) Turn on the booster pump power first, and water will flow out from the water outlet.
(3) Close the welding machine power knife and close the air switch on the rear panel of the equipment (this switch should operate as little as possible to extend the life) and open the front panel power switch.
(4) Adjust the position of the welding tool (or the position of the induction coil), put the workpiece to be welded into the induction ring, step on the foot switch (step the foot off the foot switch), start the welder, and make a "piper" sound.  The time relay starts timing welding.
(5) When the time relay stops working, the welding is finished. At this time, the blower starts to air-cool the welded part, observes the air cooling condition, and then removes the workpiece.

6. Stop the welding (shutdown) process:

(1) Turn off the power switch on the front of the unit.
(2) Turn off the device knife switch.
(3) When the outlet temperature becomes cold, then turn off the water source.


1. When the temperature is lower than 0 degree, the water in the machine must be completely drained after each use of the equipment to avoid freezing the water pipe inside the machine.
2. Must first pass water, then work on electricity. The inside of the machine and the induction coil must be cooled by water, and the water source should be cleaned (regularly changed water) to avoid blocking the cooling pipe. The outlet water temperature should not be higher than 50 degrees, otherwise the machine will be overheated and damaged.
3. The equipment should be repaired by professionals.

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