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30 Years of Reliable HF welding Experience, the Unanimous Choice for Leading Enterprises in the Industry
Yufei High Frequency Equipment Co.,Ltd
Liaoning Unify High-Frequency Equipment Co., Ltd is a renowned Chinese company specializing in R&D and manufacture of high frequency welding equipment, high and medium frequency induction heating equipment and fully solid state equipment. Welcome to order from expert high frequency welding machine manufacturer in China.

Our HF welding machines are extensively applied in manufacturing automobile interior trims and inflatable products, welding PVC, drying timber and insulation paperboard, etc. The quality management of our company is in conformity with ISO9001:2000 and our products are CE certified. To co-operate with us guarantees that you will get the best high frequency plastic welding machine or other equipment with affordable price. Liaoning Unify High Frequency Equipment Co., Ltd is looking forward to providing the best service for you.
product details Uncompromising attention, ace quality
  • Hydraulic Pressure Station
    Hydraulic Pressure Station
    The pressure and current can be digitized in the time of the equipment, and the high pressure and enthusiasm of the skin can be realized. Even the production process parameters can be predeposited.
  • Aluminum Alloy Profile Frame
    Aluminum Alloy Profile Frame
    High-grade aluminum alloy profiles are used in high frequency cabinet frame.
  • Touch Screen
    Touch Screen
    Parameter digital setting, touch screen operation(Siemens touch screen).
  • Equipment Selection
    Equipment Selection
    Select the best quality materials in the world to build the perfect HF welding equipment.
  • Switch
    Adopt safety and anti-interference switch to ensure the product running for years.
  • Spark Protection
  • Overcurrent Protection
  • Photoelectric Protection
  • Electric Field Shielding
One-stop Solution For High Frequency Machine You just need to put forward the idea that we are in charge
of implementation
development history
Yu Fei high frequency bit of growth
and you witness together
30 years of continuous exploration and innovation
  • In 1986, Yu Fei introduced Japan's advanced high frequency technology to China
  • China's first high frequency blister packaging production line
  • High sensitive spark protection circuit
  • The electromagnetic shielding is superior to the national standard, and the radiation amount is as low as 1% of the national standard
  • China's first fully automatic sun visor high frequency welding machine
  • Development of automatic power tracking function, automatic adjustment of process parameters
  • The first automatic optical electromechanical integration automobile carpet welder in China
  • In 2004, it built a new factory area, covering 11000 square meters, and building 6100 square meters
  • China's first PLC control double sliding panel door welding machine
  • The market is spread to Asia, Europe and America
  • The first insulation board dryer in China
  • Through the ISO9001 certification, through the European Union product CE certification
67 years of manufacturing tradition 30 years of Chinese quality Product exports for 12 years Serving the world's six continents
CUSTOMER SERVICE Tens of thousands of enterprises common choice
Equipment selection Featured global quality materials to create the perfect boutique equipment
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    YUKEN Japanese Oil Research
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  • Strictly pack the products
    Strictly pack the products
    We will install reasonable, safe, strong protective materials.
  • Loading the product safety
    Loading the product safety
    We can send the products to customers by sea, land, air, etc.
  • Site installation, debugging, training
    Site installation, debugging, training
    We can help install and adjust high frequency welding machine for customers.
  • quality after-sales services
    quality after-sales services
    Professional one-to-one after-sales services.